Canada Day holiday closure

We will be closed for Canada Day holiday on Monday  July 2, 2018.

BC Park Plates

ICBC is offering BC Parks licence plates in 3 designs. Pricewise, it’s $50 to get the plate, and $40 added to your renewal each year. Net proceeds will go to BC’s provincial parks. More details here.

BC Park plates are optional; regular plates will continue to be available for the usual one-time $18  fee. Also, like regular plates, plate number choices are limited.

How to get these plates? Your insurance broker will require 3 things:

1. your both of your old plates

2. your most recent insurance papers

3. the owner/lessee of the car

ICBC plans to introduce more designs in 2018, including charities, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, commercial organizations, and sports teams.